Name of the type of high-tech medical care


Patient model

Type of treatment

Treatment method




  1. Plastic surgery of large joints of limbs with restoration of the integrity of intraarticular formations, replacement of bone-cartilage defects with synthetic and biological materials


М12.5, M17.1

Severe dysfunction of the major joint of the limb of any etiology


Arthrodesis of large joints of limbs with various types of fixation and osteosynthesis

  1. Reconstructive - plastic surgery on the pelvic bones, upper and lower extremities using immersion or external fixation devices, synthetic and biological osteosubstituting materials, computer navigation



S72.1, S72.2,   S72.3, S42.1 S42.3 M21.9

Any etiology of deformation of the pelvis, bones of the upper and lower extremities (angular deformation of at least 20 degrees, displacement along the periphery of at least 20 mm) of any localization including multilevel and accompanied by shortening of the limb (at least 30 mm).

Persistent joint contractures.



Combined and sequential use of transosseous and blocked intramedullary or osseous lsteosynthesis

  1. Reconstructive and decompressive operations for injuries and diseases of the spine with resection of the vertebrae, corrective vertebrotomy using prostheses of the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs, bone cement and bone replacement materials using submersible and external fixation devices

16.00. 45 005


S22.0, S32  S33

Stable and uncomplicated vertebral fractures damage (rupture) of the intervertebral discs and ligaments of the spine.



Decompression-stabilizing interventions with fixation of the spine with dorsal or ventral implants

  1. Reconstructive plastic surgery for combined defects and deformities of the distal extremities using transosseous devices and precision equipment, as well as the replacement of soft tissue and bone cartilage defects with synthetic and biological materials



Congenital and acquired defects and deformities of the foot


Reconstructive plastic surgery on the bones of the feet with the use of auto- and allografts, implants, bone replacement materials, metal

  1. Endoprosthetics of the joints of the extremities S72.1, M84.1


Abnormally fused intra- and periarticular fractures and false joints


Joint implant implantation


Idiopathic deforming coxarthrosis without significant difference in limb length (up to 2 cm)


  1. Reconstructive interventions for complex and gigantic defects and deformations of the arch and base of the skull, orbit of congenital and acquired genesis



Defects and deformations of the arch and base of the skull of the facial skeleton of congenital and acquired genesis


Microsurgical reconstruction with congenital and acquired defects and deformities of the arch and base of the skull, facial skeleton with simultaneous use of auto- and (or) allografts


  1. Surgical organ-preserving treatment of women with pelvic floor muscle failure, prolapse and prolapse of the pelvic organs, as well as in combination with stress urinary incontinence, connective tissue diseases, including reconstructive plastic surgery: sacrovaginopexy with laparoscopic assistance, surgical interventions using mesh prostheses


N81, N88.4  N88.1

Cystocele, incomplete and complete prolapse of the uterus and vaginal walls, rectocele.


Operations with endoscopic, vaginal and abdominal access and their combination in various combinations (strengthening the ligamentous apparatus of the uterus with laparoscopic access)

Sling operations (TVT-0, TVT, TOT) using implants


  1. Reconstructive-plastic, including laparoscopically assisted operations on the small, large intestine and perineum


Z93.3 Z93.2 Z9

Colostomy. ileostomy. jejunostoma, a condition after resection of the colon.


Reconstructive surgery to restore intestinal continuity with the elimination of the stoma, the formation of anastomosis


  1. Surgical interventions on the organs of the genitourinary system using laparoscopic techniques



Progressively growing kidney cyst.


laparo- and retroperitoneoscopic excision of a kidney cyst


  1. Reconstructive operations on the sound-conducting apparatus of the middle ear


Chronic tubotympic purulent otitis media


Reconstruction of anatomical structures and sound-conducting apparatus of the middle ear using microsurgical technique. Atototissues and allogeneic transplants, including metal ones, with exposure of the facial nerve, reinnervation and use of the facial nerve monitoring system